Monday, March 27, 2017

Welcome to The Rusty Squirrel

Welcome to the first blog post of  
~ The Rusty Squirrel ~

I love vintage items of all kinds and if it's vintage and rusty that's even better.  My hubby's nickname for me is Squirrel, since I constantly collect as many interesting things as I possibly can. So with my ever growing collection, that's tuck away here and there, I've now become The Rusty Squirrel.

The Rusty Squirrel is where I will showcase a variety of vintage collectibles and curiosities; some I've had in my collection for many years and others which I've recently acquired.  I enjoy displaying my treasures; but there are times a collection can get out of hand, and in order to bring in the new, you need to re-home the older items, which you're finally able to part with.  The Rusty Squirrel blog will spotlight a variety of vintage items: some new, some unknown curiosities I've yet to identify, and the majority, will be items that are leaving my collection in hopes of finding a new home.

I hope you enjoy the journey along with me.

A variety of vintage items in The Rusty Squirrel Collection

The above photo shows a selection of fun vintage finds in my collection. Victorian undergarments, a primitive spinning box, early 1900s magazines, antique photos and an assortment of vintage collectibles from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's.  One of my favorites is the Mary Dunbar mixer from the 1930s.

FYI- The white boots on the bottom right are more contemporary reproductions. I'm a big fan of Steampunk and find that antique shoes, boots and many clothing items just won't survive being worn and should be kept for display only.  I own antique boots but not currently in white so I used my modern lace-ups in this antiques display.  I like costuming and will blog from time to time showing fun clothing options for those who like cosplay.  I'm all about corsets, hats, goggles and more!  I even create steampunk inspired jewelry to wear.

Vintage ladies pocket watch I Steampunked into an upcycled fashion accessory
I like the challenge of taking something that's old but broken and turning it into an upcycled whimsy.  A broken ladies pocket watch, some spare parts and a bit of patience = a unique wearable piece.

I hope this blog will prove interesting and entertaining as well as informative and insightful; for you as well as myself.  I never get board with learning about old things and even with diligent research there are times I come across "oddities" which end up in my "who knows" pile; so I thought it would be fun to include such and item in this first post.

This is a recent addition to my collection and a mystery at the moment.
Unknown item 3" x 7/8" might be bone or ivory 

This little gem measures 3" long by 7/8" wide and is smooth on one side yet on the other, half of it has a pattern to it. It is probably bone or ivory based on the smoothness and feel of the piece. I'm not striving so much to identify the material as I am it's purpose.

It has the shape of an old-fashion ice cream wooden paddle you would get with those individual sized cups - remember those treats when you were a young kiddo - yummm.
Well, I'm fairly certain that's not what this is.

I thought it might be part of a manicure or dresser set; but the ridges in the piece are not sufficient for filing ones nails, and I've not seen an item of this shape in dresser sets before.

The item was inside a vintage 1930's cigar box, which I purchased just so I could get this curious find; however, I don't think it's tobacco related. Most tobacco related tools have sharp points, are longer and narrower as well.

Such a fun little mystery and should I find the answer I'll update the post to let you know as well.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you liked the post.

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